SUPS Events October 18-24, 2021

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SUPS Events for the Week October 18-24, 2021
Several Key Announcement:
   *  We can now take Venmo payments for our matches
   *  Steel Challenge is currently on hold until November
   *  We have started our free clinics


Tuesday Night Steel (TNS) 19OCT2021 
    Registration opens at 3:00pm and closes at 6:00pm
    Match Fee: $10   Second Gun: $5    (Venmo at the range add $1)
    Squads will be set as attendance allows – must shoot with a
          SUPS RO Level 2 person
    New shooters must attend new shooter safety briefing
    Long guns must have chamber flags
    Holsters legal in USPSA are allowed.
    If you have an Inside Waist Band (IWB) holster, you will be
          asked to Holster/Unholster empty gun with gun facing
          down range, start position will be low ready.
    Cash only at this time.  Please bring exact change
Intro to Competition Clinic 21OCT2021
    Must register on-line:
     Clinic Fee:  $0 (free)
     Clinic Start Time:  6:00pm (please show up 5-10 min prior)
     Class size is limited so sign up now
     Bring the following:
         Handgun, outer waist band holster, 2 or more magazines, 100 rounds of ammo, eye protection,
         hearing protection, and water


    Please note that we do not rent guns