(1) SUPS runs a cold range. Firearms must be unloaded when not in use. This is defined as no magazine or ammunition loaded in the firearm with slide forward or cylinder closed and hammer down. PCCs must be unloaded and have a visible chamber flag whenever the firearm is uncased outside a safety area. The only time you may load or make your weapon “hot” is under the direction of an RO.
(2) Firearms can only be handled in the safety areas or under the direction of an RO. All other times your firearm must remain holstered or bagged. PCC’s must be carried in a “reasonably vertical manner when not in a safety area or under the direction of a range officer.
(3) No ammunition or loaded magazines can be handled in the safety areas. Violation of this rule constitutes a match DQ. Ammunition may be handled anywhere outside of the safety area, to include PCC staging tables.
(4) All safety rules defined within the USPSA rule book will be strictly enforced to include breaking the 180 and having rounds directly exit the confines of the berms.

  Always follow these rules on our range:

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