Events for the Week November 8-14, 2021

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Several Key Announcement:
   *  2022 Berry’s Steel Open Staff (BSO)
         – Please contact glen ( if you are interested
              in staffing BSO.  I will send you a link to bypass payment.
   *  We can now take Venmo payments for our matches
   *  Volunteer Opportunities (contact Glen,
        –  Monday 08NOV2021 8:00am
            *  We will be clearing out the Steel Challenge bays (targets stands, walls, poppers)
                  and TNS bays (target stands)
        –  General cleanup of the range:  emptying trash, anything out of place
Tuesday Night Steel (TNS) 09NOV2021 
    Registration opens at 3:00pm and closes at 6:00pm
    Match Fee: $10   Second Gun: $5    (Venmo at the range add $1)
    Squads will be set as attendance allows – must shoot with a
          SUPS RO Level 2 person
    New shooters must attend new shooter safety briefing
    Long guns must have chamber flags
    Holsters legal in USPSA are allowed.
    If you have an Inside Waist Band (IWB) holster, you will be
          asked to Holster/Unholster empty gun with gun facing
          down range, start position will be low ready.
NRL22 13NOV2021
     Registration and sight in opens at 8:15am  First shots at 9:00am
     Match fee: $15  Young Guns: $10
     Squads will be set prior to registration close
     NOTE:  Event is held at the Mountain Man Venue
*  To find out what events we have scheduled, go on and
            do a search for “SUPS”
         –  Free Clinics:  Intro to Handgun,  Intro to Competition, Ladies Clinic
         –  Large Matches:  Berry’s Steel Open
         –  SUPS RO Classes.  Learn the skills to be a SUPS RO for our events