Concealed Carry Match

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The Concealed Carry Match is your opportunity to develope

your concealed carry skills

Hone in your draw, speed and accuracy


When: 2nd Sunday & 4th Saturday of each month

This match is normally scheduled as follows:
2nd Sunday of the month 
8:30am registration – 9:00am shooters meeting
4th Saturday of the month
11:30am registration – 12:00 noon shooters meeting

Match Fee: $10     Venmo at the range: $11

There are two divisions, Iron and Optic

Firearm must be fully concealed under clothing, such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters

No open front garments, such as jackets or vests

Maximum round count per stage is 8

No walk throughs: activators will be demonstrated to the first shooter and targets pointed out as required

At the “Make Ready” command, you will load with no sight picture

You may confirm optic is on while pointing to the ground

All movement must be within the defined shooting area (no traveling outside)