As we close 2021, we all can look back and see that we have accomplished a lot!

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As we close 2021, we all can look back and see that we have accomplished a lot!
2021 Accomplishments:
* Opened early January 2021 after being closed for a total range re-do from Match 2020
* Running club monthly matches: TNS, USPSA, Steel Challenge, NRL22
* Berry’s Red Rock Rumble (BRRR): Berry’s Red Rock Rumble was our first large match after reopening,
and was a huge success
* Berry’s Pavillion re-built
* Wi-Fi and Internet established
* Established a good working relationship with County
* Started our monthly clinics: Intro to Handgun, Ladies Clinic, Intro to Competition
Looking forward into 2022:
* PCSL matches: We are looking to add a new style of shooting, Practical Competition Shooting League,
which was developed by Max Leograndis. Several of us have shot a few of his matches and it is a good
fit for SUPS
* Bay modifications:
– Short term – we need to grade the bays and lay down crushed fines to mediate flooding for BSO
– Long term – need to make several wider so that we can have more stage design variability
* Complete electrical wiring in Berry’s Pavillion
* Berry’s Steel Open (BSO): main match for 2022 is 97% filled making this our largest BSO
* Berry’s Red Rock Rumble
How You Can Help:
* Get more involved with SUPS
– Volunteer to keep the range clean as well as answer the call for help when tackling specific projects
– Be part of team to help build/work monthly matches
– Be an ambassador, helping new shooters through a match
– Become a match director. We need more! We will train you
– Staff our two major matches: Berry’s Steel Open and Berry’s Red Rock Rumble
* If you have a skill (electrician, welder, mechanic, technology, media content, web master,…) or have
access to heavy equipment, let us know
* Contact any of the SUPS Board members and let them know you are in to help make SUPS more
All of the successes did not just happen. It is a result of hard work put forth by many, including the SUPS Board of Directors that work tirelessly behind the scenes, the match directors for our monthly matches, match directors for our two major matches, and the core volunteers who always answer the call for help.
Save the Date – SUPS Club Meeting:
Our next SUPS Club meeting is scheduled for January 11th (Thursday) 6:00pm and will take place in the
Berry’s Pavilion.
We will summarize 2021, talk about 2022, answer questions, register Vetted Shooters, and vote for Board
members (if interested in being a board member, please let Glen know)
We wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season! See you all in 2022!
SUPS Board of Directors,
Glen Wong, President
Lex Bowler, vice- President
Jill Hamblin, Treasurer
Blair Cooper, Secretary
Bob Wolf, Director 1
Dan Long, Director 2
Brady Argyle, Director 3