Range Clean Up  June 10, 2023  8:00am-noon

*** Please note… the Steel Challenge match is cancelled for June 10, 2023 ***

Our next range clean up is scheduled for June 10th, 8:00am-noon

We will be reorganizing the range and reinstalling the car-ports in Bays H1 and H2

We would really appreciate everyone’s help

Link to log in your volunteer hours:


Remember we will hold a Volunteer Appreciation Event at the end of the year

we will have food and prizes, including several guns!!!

Earn your raffle tickets by racking up volunteer hours (1 ticket for every 5 hours)

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*** General Announcements ***


Volunteer Appreciation Event

As you may know, a successful range runs on volunteer power.  The more volunteers we have, the

easier it is to keep all of our events running smoothly and consistently.  Matches (monthly

and large ones), hosted matches (Desert Brutality), clinics, and range projects/maintenance

need volunteers.  Our membership program is designed to involve members with the range.

The Volunteer Appreciation Event will take place in December.  There will be food and

many prizes, which will include guns (each person may win only 1 gun)

For every 5 hours of volunteering, you will earn a raffle ticket 

Watch for volunteer opportunities and be sure to record them in the Volunteer log.


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Match Directors – Be One

   If you are interested in being a match director for one of our monthly matches,

      please let one of the SUPS board members know.  It is a great way to 

      give back &support the range.  Without match directors, there are no matches, 

      and we can spread the load the more we have per match.

Please ask about the significant benefits to being a match director

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     We would like to run another USPSA/NROI RO seminar.  If you are interested,

please contact Jim Rose    jjrose@sbcglobal.net

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Tuesday Night Steel (TNS)   13June2023   

Registration opens at 3:00pm and closes at 6:00pm (last shots at 6:45pm)

Match Fee: $10   Second Gun: $5    (Venmo at the range add $1)

We will be preping TNS Stages 16MAY2023 @ 2:00pm, Please help if you can

Please see the SUPS webpage “Events” for match details

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Ladies Handgun Clinic  15June2023 

 –  Time:  6:00pm-7:30pm (please arrive early)  

   –  Fee:  $10 (non-refundable) $15 non-registered shooters

   –   Registration:  Clinic size is limited and you must preregister

via Practiscore so we can balance the instructor to student ratio

        Minimum of 3 participants, maximum of 6

At Arrival: Please keep your guns bagged/cased

     Please bring the following:  –  Handgun(s)  –  2 or more magazines

–  100 rounds of ammo  –  ear protection  –  eye protection  –  water

Please note that we do not rent guns.

 Please see the SUPS webpage “Training” for match details

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NRL.22   10June2023

*** Summer Hours ***

       Registration and sight in opens at 7:15am  First shots at 8:00am  Setup at 6:30am

Match fee: $15  Young Guns: $10

    Squads will be set prior to registration close

The June COF is:    


NOTE:  Event is held at the Mountain Man Venue

Please see the SUPS webpage “Events” for match details

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Concealed Carry Match – Sunday  11June2023

Register at the range or on-line:


Registration opens at 8:30am    Shooter Meeting at 9:00am

Match Fee:  $10        Venmo at the range:  $11

Please see the SUPS webpage “Events” for match details

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2023 Berry’s Red Rock Rumble

*** registration is open ***

Match dates are September 21 – 24, 2023


Please refer to the SUPS webpage “Events” for further match details

If you are interested in staffing the match, please contact Dan Long 



Stop the Bleed Class

Watch for the announcement of a Stop the Bleed Class at SUPS


Email Distribution List

Please note that we are having an issue with auto subscribing to the email distribution list

If you would like to join, please send an email to president@supsrange.com


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