2023 Berry’s Steel Open Match Prep

Stage Builds & Match Prep is scheduled this week

Please come out and help… any effort is greatly appreciated

Monday 8am-noon   Thursday 8am-noon   Friday 8am-noon

      Saturday 8am-3pm   Sunday 8am-3pm

Also, if you are still interested in shooting/staffing the match,

please email Glen Wong ASAP  president@supsrange.com


All SUPS Monthly Matches Cancelled till April 11,2023

Our next monthly club match is TNS April 11, 2023

All other matches are cancelled for 2023 BSO & Handgun Brutality


2023 Berry’s Steel Open

Match dates are March 30 to April 2, 2023

Here are the links…
Berry’s 2023 Steel Open Match:

Lunch Order;

If you would like to staff the match, please send Glen Wong an email

and he will send you a link to bypass payment.

Glen Wong and Justine Williams
co-Match Directors


Handgun Brutality 2023

SUPS is pleased to be hosting this event for InRangeTV

This 10 stage match will combine their traditional mix of physical challenges,

tough shooting, and unforgiving scoring.

Match Date is April 8 & 9, 2023

Please refer to the SUPS webpage “Events” for further match details


SUPS Range Officer Clinic – April 18, 2023

Here is the link to register:



2023 Berry’s Red Rock Rumble

*** registration is now open ***

Match dates are September 21 – 24, 2023


Please refer to the SUPS webpage “Events” for further match details


Email Distribution List

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If you would like to join, please send an email to president@supsrange.com


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